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Allison Klowan #OTStoriesFromTheField

This guest post is part of an OTinsight series #OTStoriesFromTheField.

Allison is a first year student at MGH Institute of Health Professions pursuing her doctorate degree in occupational therapy (OTD). She is interested in pediatric practice and has experience as a life skills coach and personal care assistant for individuals with disabilities. You can follow along her journey through OT school and join her in weekly journal club discussions on Instagram and her blog! You can find her on Instagram @AllisonTheOTStudent and at https://allisontheotstudent.home.blog/.

Why did you choose OT?

I chose OT because I knew that I loved working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Back in high school, I discovered Best Buddies, and from there I discovered my passion for supporting and empowering the individuals that I met through that program.

I eventually learned that through OT I can continue to serve individuals with IDD (among many other populations), so I applied to grad school after earning my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

What are you most passionate about within the field of OT?

I honestly love the fact that as an OT, I can support people in anything they want to do. This can be anything from play or leisure, to work, to activities of daily living (ADLs), to sleep and rest!

I love that OTs take a holistic view of the patient, their condition, their environment, their values, and their goals in order to support them in achieving what they are most passionate about.

What are your future plans as an OT?

This may change throughout occupational therapy school and professional practice, but I have a dream of opening my own pediatric OT clinic one day. I am the kind of person who is always thinking 10 steps ahead, so naturally, I already have what it will look like and different group programs we will have planned out in my head.

I know…dreaming big here, but we’ll see where my OT journey takes me!

What is your number one piece of advice for other OT students?

To all future or current OT students: My number one piece of advice is to trust the process.

I completed my first Level I fieldwork experience last semester, and I didn’t love it. I felt like a bad OT student and like I had failed in some way. When I talked to my fieldwork coordinator about how I was feeling, she explained that you are actually not supposed to love all of your fieldwork placements!

You will be placed in a multitude of settings in order to get a feel for what OT is like in each setting. If you loved them all, you would have a really hard time figuring out where you want to work one day as a professional!

You can read more about my fieldwork experience here, as I am sure many fellow OT students have had similar experiences.

Be sure to reach out to me on Instagram or in my blog comments! I love connecting with fellow OT students, future OT students, and clinicians! Thanks for reading!

This guest post is part of an OTinsight series #OTStoriesFromTheField.

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